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Ask yourself how your approach to the difficulties you face in your daily life is working for you. What is good and what isn't so good about it? Are you surviving or thriving?

Consider these pillars of resilience as a way to help reframe your approach:

Physical / self-care


Social / relationships

Meaning / purpose

Resilience: The capacity to face, overcome, recover quickly, to be strengthened by adversity.

Resilience - rigid versus flexible

Exercise 4:

Understanding and preparing for your inner critic can help you thrive in challenging situations, and help others do the same. The inner critic - cynical or self-sabotaging self-talk. Whether a loud, paralysing voice or subtle background anxiety, it can be a persistent part of many people's professional lives.

Rewrite the script in your head by identifying five crucial times in your life when you were courageous and overcame adversity.

Record your thoughts in the downloaded table:



Further resources:

You can download the Five Stages of Grief diagram here

Link to Five Stages of Grief:

More to come...

RYse Journal, a blankish notebook for when you are ready to build a coaching culture. One person at a time.
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