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Introduction to Coaching

Coaching is about creating change. If there is no desire for change, then no need for a coach. The change might be big, something the whole world can see, or small adjustments that most won't notice and only those closest to you will appreciate.

Introduction to coaching

Exercise 1:

We want to identify possible changes to bring about to improve performance, or stop destructive or self-defeating behaviour. To help, you should consider a "personal board of directors" who have some influence on your thinking.

Imagine the different characters at play in your mind. Be curious. What are their roles? Are some voices louder? Do they interact with each other? What do they want?

Record your thoughts in the downloaded table:

Further resources:

Explore the simple and powerful four-stage model that helps us to understand how we learn new skills:



Here are some of my favourite books, articles, and talks to help introduce you to coaching.

Trillion Dollar Coach

Atul Gawande - Want to get great at something? Get a coach

Link to talk:

Coaching versus Mentoring

The Leader as Coach

RYse Journal, a blankish notebook for when you are ready to build a coaching culture. One person at a time.
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