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Diversity of Ideas

Teams consist of individuals, and there is a team leader; the team is part of a function that is part of a business, which is part of a business ecosystem. The foundations of the team are the many relationships that exist. The quality of those relationships - to a large degree - determines the success of the team and wider system.

Your relationships are therefore crucial; increasing your awareness and understanding of differences and personality traits will help you to identify strategies to collaborate better, manage, lead and develop long-term win-win relationships.

Leader as a coach

Exercise 3:

To help you get comfortable with building relationships strategically, identify the key relationships you want to deepen to achieve a goal.

Record your thoughts in the downloaded table:



Further resources:

Here are links to further learnings on personality traits:

A quirky video on measuring personality

Link to talk:

More to come...

RYse Journal, a blankish notebook for when you are ready to build a coaching culture. One person at a time.
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