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Coaching is about creating change, action and accountability.

Some people either don't want to change or don't believe they have the power to change. This journal isn't for them. If you believe in unlocking people's potential to improve their performance and think of the people around you in terms of their potential, not just their performance, then you are off to a good start.


The first step to change is always awareness.


A good coach will challenge you and hold you accountable.


Coaching raises awareness and generates responsibility.


A self-coaching journal for mastering the behaviours to motivate yourself, and succeed at work.


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Blank pages for journaling, jotting down thoughts, note taking and planning.


Pages of illustrations, insights, and learnings. 


Sections and exercises to put into practice what you learn.
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RYse Journal is best described as an active-learning journal designed to help you organise your thoughts in a world of doing more with less and with the fallacy that we must always be busy. The goal of this blankish notebook is to help busy professionals develop a coaching style of leadership through thoughtful insights and activities interspersed through their workdays.



To introduce coaching to more people, and help build a coaching culture. One person at a time.

To facilitate self-coaching and introduce it into people's busy working days but without burdening them further.

To equip more people with the knowledge, tools tips and disciplines to build a coaching culture in their teams and workplaces.


Just some of the comments and feedback about the RYse Journal:


"A coach in your pocket."


"A guided mediation on work, coaching and what it takes to succeed."


"The RYse Journal will help you learn every day, particularly on the difficult days when you don't feel like learning."


"A one-stop-shop for building a coaching culture in your teams. Fun, challenging and accessible at the same time."


"A notebook for your career development, to keep track and force yourself to take time in a structured way to think about the next steps and what you are trying to achieve."




A self-coaching journal for mastering the behaviours to motivate yourself, and succeed at work.

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RYse Journal, a blankish notebook for when you are ready to build a coaching culture. One person at a time.